✌🏽10 Highly Recommended Ways To Cut Toxic People Out Of Your Life


Since you are here, I assume the headline worked. However, to clear out the confusion why I'm recommending to cut out people from your life, you would have to understand that you have a limited number of productive hours in a day and if you are not going to respect your time nobody will respect your commitments.

Today, connecting with people is too easy. Emails & WhatsApp messages allow us to contact others too smoothly. It's easy to make quick connections at the workplace or on social media. Yet quick connections tend to be shallow. Think about how many connections do you have on LinkedIn or other social media platforms but have you met more than 10 of them in person? As you move forward in life, you will have more of these shallow connections. At one point you will feel great like you are in demand. But they are going to hold you back from those who really matter the most in your life.

More connections can really mean more meaningless people taking valuable time. Filter out who is important to you and who is a hindrance. The right people deserve your time and if you are still not clear how to achieve that, I would recommend you to adopt some or all of the following.

You may lose some people when you

⭐ Achieve more than them

πŸŽ“ Become educated

πŸ”€ Shift your perspective

πŸ”₯ Change your lifestyle

❌ Quit a bad habit

πŸ—žοΈ Become more aware

😎 Become assertive

🐺 Ask them to honor a boundary

πŸ”± Adopt a new religion or spiritual practice

πŸ•΄οΈ Grow in ways that they can’t or aren’t willing to



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