Be a helping hand 🙌

Respect what your parent/partner is doing for you.


It's easy to say that the circuit breaker is not that bad. Now you have more time to spend with family but are you spending time or passing time? — Think again.

It’s good that you are trying your hands at cooking. But, if you are not cleaning up the kitchen afterward my friend you are putting more work on your peers.

This doodle is the representation of what’s happing in 90% of Indian homes. “Male” members are enjoying and living their lives like a king while women are spending most of their valuable time in the kitchen. Maybe you have seen a viral quote floating around these days “It’s quarantine, not ‘who is more productive competition’” that’s funny but on a serious note, it’s not a holiday either. So, stop fucking commanding your partners/parents and start helping them out.

Be a helping hand. Everyone deserves care & love ❤️ Keep your family & yourself safe and sanitized 😷

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