✔️ How to Actually Get Sh!t Done

Have you ever wondered that I could have achieved more today but between work (or homework), working out and other necessary rituals the time passed quickly?

"If you see distraction externally, you end up creating an internally distracted state.” – Tim Ferriss

One of the solutions is to block out at least 60 minutes in the morning before checking e-mail to work on your #1 most important/uncomfortable to-do. If you want to learn more here is the Tim's detailed morning routine.

Rise of SonOfAnton.Ai


It's is here to make you achieve everything that you ever wanted and are willing to work for it. This app will make you #ProductiveAF.

✔️ It's not going to organize your todo list.

✔️ This is an intelligent todo app for doers.

✔️ Idea is to complete your work before time.

✔️ You can add up to 5 tasks.

✔️ If you don't mark them done within 1 hour they will be published on your twitter feed.

✔️ Pro-tip - Sound on, before marking the task done.

Warning - Not for light-hearted. Try, if can you work under stress.


Click on the thumbnail below to watch some of the best Bertram Gilfoyle moments from all five seasons of Silicon Valley. If you think I'm missing a bunch of scenes it's because I had so many great Gilfoyle/Dinesh moments that I had to split it into three videos.

![The Best of Gilfoyle](